Toy Plane ATL2000 - Jetliner

Toy Plane ATL2000 - Jetliner

Only flying is better

Our ATL2000 – Jetliner toy aeroplane is sure to catch the eye of every observer. Its size and eye-catching paintwork alone make the playable aeroplane model a real eye-catcher and a popular photo motif for the family album. However, its greatest strength is its versatile learning and adventure areas.

Children’s motor skills are trained in a fun way as they climb, slide, romp and jump. They easily socialise with each other and thus also train their social skills. The play aeroplane with its countless play functions inspires children’s imaginations and lets them have a great time together. They also learn about the structure and function of an aeroplane.

The Jetliner is therefore a distinctive advertising medium for airlines, airports, tourist regions or tour operators, for example, who are looking for a sustainable and profitable symbiosis of marketing and commitment for children and young families. Embedded in an event and combined with photo campaigns or small competitions, our toy aeroplane is in top form as an advertising medium.


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Toy Plane ATL2000 - Jetliner


Length 8.40 metres | Width 6.30 metres | Height 3.20 metres

Manufactured according to DIN EN 1176

Toy plane made of stainless steel V2A

Required installation area Length 12.00 metres | Width 9.50 metres

Manufactured to the highest safety standards and the requirements of DIN EN 1176.

Our toy plane in your branding

We design the Jetliner as an exclusive advertising medium for your company or your sponsors. It not only conveys a child-friendly image of the company, but also emphasises the brand in a unique way. You will be overwhelmed by the communication power of this advertising medium. Contact us so that this impression never fades!

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Designbeispiel | ADAC
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Designbeispiel | atlantics
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Designbeispiel | Bundeswehr
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Designbeispiel | KLM
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Designbeispiel | Breitling

Developed together with TÜV SÜD

When designing the ATL2000-Jetliner, maximum safety while playing was our top priority right from the start. This is why we consulted TÜV SÜD Product Service as early as the planning stage of the Jetliner.

The main task here was to fulfil the high requirements of the European play equipment standard EN 1176 and to implement these precisely in the construction of the Jetliner. On completion of the prototype, an in-depth final inspection was carried out in our factory by TÜV SÜD Product Service. The result: TÜV approved and good flying at all times!

Exclusive advertising media with guaranteed eye-catchers

We produce emotional visitor magnets for you

Unique combination of play equipment and advertising medium: Emotions are the be-all and end-all when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Our play equipment and special sculptures fascinate children and adults alike.

Size, shape and design according to your wishes: There are (almost) no limits when it comes to designing your play equipment or design element. We design them according to your wishes and the structural requirements and guarantee unmistakable branding.

Outdoor or indoor: Whether you are planning a visitor magnet in an outdoor area or in your lobby – we will design an advertising medium for you that blends in perfectly with the existing environment.

Play safely: As adventurous as our play equipment is – safety is our top priority. That’s why all our creations are manufactured in accordance with the high requirements of the European play equipment standard EN 1176 and approved by TÜV before delivery.

High-quality materials: All our play equipment is made of stainless steel and is therefore practically indestructible. Even lots of romping children, repeated assembly and dismantling as well as transport (e.g. for trade fair constructions, roadshows or events) cannot harm the creations