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Evacuation Slides

With an escape slide made of stainless steel, the 2nd escape route can be realised safely and playfully at the same time

When there is a fire, every second counts. Especially in nurseries, schools or care homes, children and people with disabilities need to be evacuated from danger zones quickly and without panic in such an emergency situation. Compared to stairs, evacuation slides have a decisive advantage: they get them outside easily and particularly quickly.

Thanks to a unique combination of playful safety and sustainable quality, atlantics is the leading provider of escape slides in Germany.

This type of emergency slide offers the following decisive advantages over a conventional staircase:

1. compared to stairs, escape slides enable safer and faster evacuation, especially for children and people with disabilities.

2. escape slides can be easily installed on buildings without major structural changes. This is particularly important for listed buildings.

3. escape slides are more cost-effective and require less maintenance than stairways. The winter maintenance required for staircase systems (pushing snow, de-icing) is also almost completely eliminated due to the closed design.

4. escape slides comply with the DIN EN 1176 standard for play equipment and can therefore also be used daily as normal play equipment. This allows children to practise for emergencies while playing, which minimises the risk of panic in an emergency.

Stainless Steel


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