Play Football KICK2000

A children's magnet in a new dimension

Our KICK2000 play football opens up a fascinating new world of play for your youngest visitors. With a diameter of over four metres, three different adventure platforms and a wide range of access and play options, the oversized football impresses everyone who sees it and makes children’s hearts beat faster.

When creating the play football, we paid particular attention to ensuring that children can train their motor skills while climbing, sliding and shimmying, and that they can easily socialise and interact with each other. The variety of learning and adventure areas as well as ladders and climbing elements in different levels of difficulty make the play football an exciting play equipment for girls and boys aged 5 to 15.

The KICK2000 is not only a real magnet for children, but also an unmistakable advertising medium for companies, ball sports clubs and their sponsors. They can use it specifically for their brand awareness, new customer acquisition and customer loyalty.


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Play Football KICK2000


Length 8.20 metres | width 4.60 metres | height 3.70 metres

Manufactured according to DIN EN 1176

Play football made of stainless steel V2A

Required installation area Length 12.00 metres | Width 8.60 metres

Manufactured according to the highest safety standards and the requirements of DIN EN 1176.


Our football KICK2000 in your branding

Our KICK2000 football is an exclusive advertising medium for your local authority, your company, your club or your sponsors. Fully branded with a diameter of over four metres, your brand will catch the eye from afar and be perceived as particularly child- and family-friendly. Place the KICK2000 in front of your stadium, on a public sports field or at a sports or corporate event as an eye-catcher and unusual piece of play equipment.

The KICK2000 can be used in a variety of ways as an advertising medium. As a ball sports club, use the football for a break-time event with your main sponsor, for example, present your company as particularly sporty at an open day or, as a local authority, enhance the local playground with this unusual piece of play equipment. We are at your disposal with many other creative ideas.

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Developed together with TÜV SÜD

When designing the KICK2000, we prioritised maximum safety during play right from the start. This is why we consulted TÜV SÜD Product Service during the planning of our play and climbing football. Our aim was to fulfil the very high requirements of the European play equipment standard EN 1176 and to implement these precisely in the construction of the KICK2000. Once the prototype was completed, TÜV SÜD Product Service carried out an in-depth final inspection at our factory. The result: TÜV approved, KICK OFF!