Wave Pool Höchstadt an der Aisch

Höchstadt an der Aisch / Bavaria / Germany

In Höchstadt an der Aisch / Bavaria, visitors to the outdoor wave pool are offered a wide water slide with landing pool (box water slide). An attraction for all guests in the hot summer. Several guests can enjoy the slide at the same time on the stainless steel water slide. The adventure slide could be realised thanks to the integrated landing pool, as the wave pool was not suitable as an immersion area. The splash guard on the side of the integrated run-out pool ensures that not so much bathing water is lost. The slide system was also completely painted for a colourful appearance.


atlantics stainless steel slides wellenopen air swimming pool hoechstadt an the aisch water wide waves box 188465

width 3.00 metres | length approx. 16.00 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1069

slide made of stainless steel V4A

build 2019 | ident-nr. 188465