Family Outdoor Pool Haigerloch

Haigerloch / Baden-Württemberg / Germany

The new attraction at the family outdoor pool in Haigerloch / Baden-Württemberg is the wide wave slide. Visitors can experience the unmistakable and rapid slide fun into the cool water over a length of 18.00 metres. The slide can be operated independently of a swimming pool thanks to the integrated run-out pool. Integrating the slide into the existing swimming pool would have massively reduced the usable water area due to the need to close off the immersion area.



atlantics stainless steel slides familynbathroom haigerloch water landing pool 198592

width 3.00 metres | length approx. 18.00 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1069

slide made of stainless steel V4A

build 2020 | ident-nr. 198592