Sports Pool Denzlingen

Denzlingen / Baden-Württemberg / Germany

The half-shell slide in the outdoor pool in Denzlingen / Baden-Württemberg is the new attraction with lots of curves. The atlantics half-tube slide is the highlight of the newly built swimming pool in Denzlingen. The slide with its two curves invites its visitors to enjoy a 9.00 metre long slide. The combination of the use of high-alloy stainless steel and the excellent workmanship of the attraction manufacturer also guarantees high quality and durability in the indoor area.


atlantics stainless steel slides sportbathroom denzlingen bathroomen wuerttemberg indoorwater 106951

width 0.55 metres | length approx. 9.00 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1069

slide made of stainless steel V4A

build 2010 | ident-nr. 106951