Private Pool Bottrop

Bottrop / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany

atlantics built a tunnel water slide for an exclusive stainless steel private pool in Bottrop. The tube water slide for a villa in Bottrop / North Rhine-Westphalia was a very special challenge. The water slide, which runs from the master bathroom on the upper floor down into the villa’s pool house, is one of the many highlights that the client had installed in his home. Residents can slide down the 18 metre long tube water slide into the fresh water with lots of fun and adventure. The special bath staircase takes you directly from the shower in the master bathroom to the slide entrance. Who can get up and slide straight from the bathroom for a morning swim?



diameter 0.80 metres | length approx. 18.00 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1069

slide made of stainless steel V4A

build 2013 | ident-nr. 137529