Dealogic Office Budapest

Budapest / Hungary

The indoor tunnel half-shell slide in the Dealogic office in Budapest / Hungary, offers the software company’s employees fun on the slide from the attraction factory. In addition to the countless opportunities for relaxation and lively dialogue, the employees are offered a special attraction. The spiral slide takes employees through the ceiling from one in-house lounge area to another. The slide offers employees a lot of fun and distraction to boost creativity in the workplace. Before sliding down, employees can discuss new projects at the bar table integrated at the start of the slide. The office theme is also reflected in the design of the main support. This was realised in a special paper clip design.


atlantics stainless steel slides dealogic budapest ungarn tubes spiral 137592 IMG 6054

height 3.80 metres | diameter 0.80 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1176

slide made of stainless steel V2A

build 2013 | ident-nr. 137592