Daycare Centre St. Elisabeth

Neustrelitz / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Germany

atlantics built this evacuation slide at the St. Elisabeth daycare centre in Neustrelitz / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2014 to equip the facility with a second escape route. The provider deliberately dispensed with the usual external staircase to realise a second escape route and instead had an evacuation slide built on the daycare centre. This was much easier to install on the building and the evacuation of the children via the tunnel slide also has many advantages for the escape itself. The end result is certainly impressive, also architecturally.


atlantics stainless steel slides kinthfloorsstaette st elisabeth newstrelitz evacuation tubes 137650 exit

height 3.00 metres | diameter 0.80 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1176

slide made of stainless steel V2A

build 2014 | ident-nr. 137650