Metro Starlets Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany

Embedded sliding fun. The special slide in the “Metro Sternchen” kindergarten in Düsseldorf / North Rhine-Westphalia gives the children the pleasant choice of reaching the foyer of the facility via the conventional stairs or the much more fun slide. The wave slide built by atlantics was also embedded in an imaginative side boundary in the form of a play snake. With a width of 1.00 metres and a total length of approx. 8.00 metres, it offers children plenty of fun and makes it easy to choose how to get around.


atlantics stainless steel slides metro starchen duesselvillage northrhein westfalen box box 076343 Duesselvillage 4

height 3.30 metres | width 1.20 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1176

slide made of stainless steel V2A

build 2007 | ident-nr. 076343