Protestant Kindergarten Noah’s Ark

Waiblingen-Beinstein / Baden-Württemberg / Germany

In 2019, atlantics built this stainless steel evacuation slide at the Arche Noah Protestant kindergarten in Waiblingen-Beinstein, Baden-Württemberg, to provide a second escape route for the upper floor of the daycare centre. The almost 4 metre high evacuation slide can now be used to safely and quickly evacuate all the children and teachers from the upper floor. Everyone can quickly and directly access the escape slide via the roof terrace. The slide can also be used daily by the children as normal play equipment, which allows them to practise unconsciously and thus minimises the risk of panic in an emergency.


Waiblingen Beinstein Remsgartenstraße evacuation 188503

height 3.90 metres | diameter 0.80 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1176

slide made of stainless steel V2A

build 2019 | ident-nr. 188503