BRK Children’s Centre “StaRKE Strolche”

Andechs / Bavaria / Germany

The play and evacuation slide at the BRK children’s centre “StaRKE Strolche” in Andechs / Bavaria provides additional safety in the event of a fire. The rescue slide, which was integrated into the rear area of the outdoor terrace, evacuates the rear rooms of the long building quickly and reliably. The stainless steel slide allows children to reach the garden safely without the dangers of pushing and tripping. Once there, they only have to run to the assembly point. The slide is also used by the children during their daily play in the garden, which allows them to unconsciously rehearse for emergencies and minimises the risk of panic in the event of a fire.


Andechs Ludwig Prockl Weg evacuation 188470

height 3.70 metres | diameter 0.80 metres

manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1176

slide made of stainless steel V2A

build 2019 | ident-nr. 188470