Friday, 17.08.2012

Action made by the attraction manufactory for InQuest

InQuest is a unique and patented indoor play area where players move in an interactive environment, similar to that of a computer game. Not only should players possess knowledge and speed, they also have to master various sophisticated play stages, the last of which consists of a challenging high-speed slide the players have to use to reach the finish line as fast as possible. The concept of InQuest has proven to be that successful that the company is planning to set up play parks like that in all European metropolises. The first huge play park following the pilot project which was carried out in Lille, France, will be created in Paris in spring 2013. Our attraction manufactory is proud to be part of this great project and wishes the operators of InQuest the best of luck.

Thursday, 24.05.2012

atlantics demonstrates fitness in the REWE Team Challenge in Dresden

For the first time also a team of our attraction manufactory joined this year’s REWE Team Challenge. Isabella Oertel, Stefan Goldammer, Andre Hengst and René Clausnitzer achieved a great result by coming in 249th out of a total of 922 teams. Our attraction manufactory would like to thank the organisers for a truly successful event. We are looking forward to taking part again next year.

Sunday, 04.03.2012

RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London boasts an adventure slide made in Döbeln

At the end of May 2012 the world-renowned London Chelsea Flower Show was opened, which came up with a slide attraction made in Döbeln for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Our attraction manufactory was entrusted with the construction of this very special adventure slide rounding off the spectacular pyramid construction with its height of more than 14 metres.

Tuesday, 05.07.2011

First evacuation slide for offshore platform in White Russia

The success story of evacuation slides continues. After becoming a second escape route for public buildings like schools, nursery schools and homes, our evacuation slides are appreciated as a self-evident alternative to original stairs. This example shows once again that this solution of evacuation is also of great interest for industry and economy too. The escape slide for the offshore platform ESTA III was constructed in such a manner that it can be built up and removed quickly to follow the ever-changing locations of the offshore platform.

Thursday, 10.02.2011

A great symbiosis of plush and high-grade steel – the new snake slide for the Steiff-Museum

The Margarete Steiff GmbH has ordered a very special slide from atlantics. A giant plush snake is going to be the latest attraction of the company-owned museum in Giengen / Baden Württemberg. Plenty of unique cuddly toys can be admired and petted there. A giant plush snake, and even one you can slide down on at that, however, is something new, indeed. In order to create such a snake, our manufactory will design a special stainless steel slide which will then be enwrapped in plush and shaped into a snake by the creative staff of the Steiff company. The result of this unique project can be admired and of course also be tested as of April 2011 at the Steiff Museum.

Tuesday, 19.10.2010

atlantics at the IAAPA Orlando

From 15 November until 19 November atlantics proudly presents its products for the first time ever at the international fair for play attractions in Orlando. At our booth (stand 4274) we are pleased to provide information and advise on our play attractions made at the attraction manufactory for anybody interested from all over the world. For further information please visit the IAAPA website at: We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Monday, 23.08.2010

atlantics at the interbad 2010 in Stuttgart

atlantics showcase their products at the international trade fair for swimming pools, sauna, spa and wellness in Stuttgart for the first time this year. Our stand can be found in hall 6, stand D20. Here, we are happy to answer any questions you might have on the exciting topic of stainless steel water slides. For further information, please see also the official homepage of interbad at: We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, 11.05.2010

A water slide made by the manufactory of attractions was this year’s first prize of the Pentecost show presented by the radio station mdr

In this show, the pool attendants from the three federal states Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as nominated in the preliminary round determinedly fought right to the end for the coveted wide water slide made by the manufactory of attractions. In the thrilling finale on Whit-Monday the Thuringia team was just a nose ahead in the final competition and thus able to win the triathlon in their favour. Now the team from Gerstungen can look forward to having their own water slide made by atlantics. We would like to join the congratulations and hope that the team will have lots of fun with this new attraction.

Monday, 10.05.2010

Visitors to the German Space Travel Exhibition of Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz discover another world thanks to the toy plane ”Space Ship One Junior“

With the customised edition of the toy plane ATL2000 – Jetliner, the in-house exhibition playground got a special attraction. As a great addition to the existing exhibits kids can now train their motor skills on a true-to-detail toy plane and at the same time get closer to the universal dream of flying. Toy Plane ATL2000 – Jetliner

Friday, 18.12.2009

Ravensburger Spieleland counts on slides made by the attraction manufactory

The leisure park’s management invested in a large new slide construction consisting of three different adventure slides to be able to offer yet another attraction to the visitors to the Ravensburger Spieleland in Meckenbeuren for the coming season. atlantics, the attraction manufactory was favoured to put his special project into practice. The high-grade steel coming from the attraction manufactory will be completely put to use by May 2010, thus providing the visitors with yet another highlight in the leisure park.

Friday, 27.11.2009

atlantics was awarded the entrepreneurial prize 2009 of the Association of Saving Banks Ostdeutschlands

On Thursday 26 November 2009 Wolfgang Zender, association director of the OSV, presented the renowned award to Thomas Büchel and Renè Clausnitzer of the atlantics GmbH. The entrepreneurial prize was awarded for the 13th time and represents the wide variety of economic, municipal and civic commitment. The award “entrepreneur of the year” recognizes businesses which stand their ground on the market thanks to their modern marketing strategies and their creative potential and whose steady growth helps create permanent jobs.

Tuesday, 27.10.2009

atlantics at the FSB-2009 in Cologne

atlantics welcomed their customers at an information booth at this year’s leisure, sports and swimming pool fair in Cologne. We would like to thank all our visitors for their interest in our attraction manufactory. We are looking forwarding to implementing your further projects.

Monday, 10.08.2009

Fine arts made at the manufactory of attractions

The Munich based artist Gregor Passens won the arts competition for the new building of the university hospital of Freiburg by presenting his design of a giant lifesaver belt. This will now be put into practise using high-grade steel from the manufactory of attractions. As of 2010 the lifesaver will adorn the walkway connecting the old and the new hospital building.

Monday, 23.02.2009

IKEA uses an evacuation slide for the first time

After long and extensive assessment, the persons responsible at the world-famous company IKEA decided for the first time ever to use an evacuation slide made by atlantics. This evacuation slide is to be used at the new location in Bratislava (capital of Slovakia). Thanks to its construction, apart from its main task of being a means of escape, this slide might additionally be used as a normal toy by the visitors to the furniture store.

Monday, 10.11.2008

Slide fun at CINEMAXX in Augsburg

The well-known cinema chain CINEMAXX is going to offer their visitors a special highlight on their premises in Augsburg/Bavaria as of mid-December. From one of the upstairs cinema floors an adventure slide made by the manufactory of attractions will be installed. So the CINEMAXX in Augsburg will be the first cinema to offer their visitors the fascinating and fun opportunity to safely slide down to the foyer after their night-out at the cinema. The visitors are sure to have fond memories of their night out and at the same time look forward to seeing the next blockbuster at the CINEMAXX in Augsburg.

Friday, 07.11.2008

CenterParks use play and evacuation slides made by atlantics!

Back to nature. This is CenterParks’ new approach to a new generation of holiday cottages where the well-known holiday bungalows will not be built at ground level but rather as a tree house. To meet safety requirements and at the same time to emphasise the unique family concept, CenterParks decided to create the required second escape route from the tree house by means of two play and evacuation slides made by atlantics. These guarantee fast and safe evacuation in the case of an emergency and on the other hand promise lots of fun for all the family. As we see it, a great concept for which we would like to wish CenterParks success and an unforgettable stay for their visitors.

thursday, 10.07.2008

SENSAPOLIS – Germany’s largest indoors slide park

In an area of 8,000 square metres, visitors of the leisure park SENSAPOLIS have been able to discover completely new attractions since 28 June 2008. Among the most impressive highlights count 11 slides made by the manufactory of attractions. Various spiral slides of heights of 3, 10 and 12 metres, a wide wavy slide, one experimental slide and a fairy tale castle slide fascinate the visitors of all ages on their exploring tour of the leisure park. The most spectacular slide highlights are Germany’s highest indoors free fall slide on which you can reach a speed of up to 45 kilometres per hour from a height of 12 metres, as well as the 4 special space ship tubular slides attached to a giant space ship which could easily provide room for three detached houses. The slides, which are controlled by means of sensors and traffic lights, have further been equipped with additional light and strobe effects and promise exciting and super fast sliding fun. For further information please see the owner’s website:

Thursday, 01.05.2008

Europe’s longest tubular slide opened in Waldkirch

On 1 May 2008 the owners of the nature leisure park Waldkirch opened Europe’s longest embankment tubular slide of a breathtaking total length of 186. Following a building period of more than a month, the tubular slide starts right at the end of the tree-top walk and runs downhill with a gradient of up to 50 % in the direction of the starting point. On their journey down which will take approximately 18 seconds, the visitors enjoying this unique slide adventure will reach a speed of up to 12 metres per second. To make the ride even more attractive, additional portholes made of Makrolon have been inserted in the tubular slide, thus leaving great unforgettable impressions of the journey down. For further information please see the owner’s website:

Tuesday, 01.04.2008

Leisure park

The leisure park "IRRLAND" in Twisteden welcomes its numerous visitors to the new season with spectacular new slide highlights made by atlantics. Amongst other things, the visitors can look forward to one of the highest free fall slides, which starts from the highest point of the breathtaking and at the same time probably Germany’s highest slide terminal. A top-class attraction that is a full success! Steadily increasing numbers of now approx. 300,000 fascinated visitors per year are proof enough.

Monday, 14.01.2008

Google counts on precious metals from the manufactory of attractions

atlantics built a tubular / scoop slide for the Google research and development centre in Zurich. Besides being offered countless opportunities for relaxation and lively interaction, the Google visionaries at the Zurich centre of research and development also come to enjoy a special attraction. A 4.60 metre high special slide gives the employees a ride down from the in-house chillout lounge to the bistro below. The spiral stainless steel slide starting off as a tubular slide runs down to the in-house bistro area changing into a scoop slide. Website:

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