Various Slide Courses

As each building possesses a variety of specific features and conditions, tailor-made solutions regarding the course of the slide adjusted to these specific conditions are required. Thanks to the fact that all slides manufactured by atlantics are custom-made of the highest possible quality, a great variety of shapes can be manufactured: straight, left-hand, right-hand, spiral or double bends.

We will surely find the optimal course for the slide attached to your building. Furthermore, we are happy to act in an advisory capacity to you – at atlantics’ you will get all products as an ideal solution from one source. Right from the planning, manufacture, on-site fitting to the final acceptance inspection. Certificate included!

“Straight“ Slide Course

A straight slide course is the least complicated and at the same time financially most favourable. It is primarily used for low heights.

“Right-hand“ Slide Course

The most frequently used slide courses are right- hand and left-hand bends.

“Left-hand“ Slide Course

Right-hand and left-hand bends have the advantage over other shapes that the course of the slide can be led directly to the point of the required slide exit.

”Spiral“ Slide Course

The most sophisticated way to shape a slide course is the spiral. The spiral shape helps master particular big heights in a very confined space.